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Active Detection. Unlike passive smoke detectors that wait for smoke to reach them, AnaLASER II is an active air-sampling system that draws the particles of combustion into its laser particle counter detection chamber.

Particle Discrimination. AnaLASER II counts both the number of particles and the size of particles in the detection chamber to calculate the smoke level. It electronically distinguishes particles of combustion from dust and other airborne contaminants.

Your benefit...earlier detection means less damage to your equipment.

Your benefit...less chance of nuisance alarms.

No Filters.
Other air-sampling detection systems contain filters that must be changed periodically. With its exclusive electronic particle discrimination feature, AnaLASER II provides high sensitivity without a filter.
Your benefit...high performance detection with less maintenance.

Powerful early warning fire detection for facilities that simply can't risk a fire-related business interruption.

Early detection means catching a fire in its incipient stages. That's enough time for you to...

  • Analyze the situation
  • Alert personnel
  • Shut down equipment
  • Remove the source of the fire
  • Control the activation of the fire suppression system

AnaLASER II prevents a fire from causing costly damage and shutting down your facility.

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