Linear Detection
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AlarmLine Linear Detection System


  • allows large systems
  • localizes fire & wide area overheating
  • for very harsh environment
  • cablestyle-sensorsystems


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A unique fire and overheat detection system, the Fenwal AlarmLine is suitable
for all types of dusty, hazardous, vibrating and/or inaccessible applications. Easy-to-install, yet rugged, with coatings of fire-retardant polymer, extruded nylon or braided metal, the AlarmLine provides rapid response to both localized fire situations and wide area overheating. Engineered with short circuit discrimination, the AlarmLine virtually eliminated false alarms and maintenance costs due to accidental short circuit damage to the sensor or field wiring. Equipped with field adjustable precise activation based on minimum ambient operating temperature of the alarm zone, the AlarmLine is completely self-restoring up to 374°F / 190°C

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