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Continuous Fire and Overheat Detection Systems for Industry (CFD) 


The Fenwal Continuous Fire Detection System stands alone in its field with the unique ability to detect specific overheat conditions at any point along the entire length of its sensing element run without regard for rate of temperature rise or average ambient temperature.

This discrete sensing capability offers greater sensitivity and response than systems relying upon the "averaging" technique. Further, it is the only system with a single control having the capability of connecting elements set at a variety of temperatures to provide simultaneous coverage for different alarm points in the several areas being protected.
The discrete sensing element of the Fenwal Continuous Fire Detection System is a slender Inconel tube packed with thermally sensitive eutectic salt and a nickel wire center conductor. Lengths of these sensing elements are connected in series to a control unit. The elements may be of equal or varying length and of the same or different temperature settings.


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The control unit, operating directly from the power source, impresses a small voltage on the sensing elements. When an overheat condition occurs at any point along the element length; the resistance of the eutectic salt within the sensing element drops sharply; causing current to flow between the outer sheath and the center conductor. This current flow is sensed by the control unit, which produces a signal to actuate the output relay.
When the fire has been extinguished or the critical temperature lowered, the Fenwal CFD System automatically returns to standby alert, ready to detect any subsequent fire or overheat condition.
The Fenwal CFD System maybe wired to employ a "loop" circuit. In this case, should an open circuit occur, the system will still signal fire or overheat. If multiple open circuits occur, only that section between breaks becomes inoperative.


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