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  • Heat & Fire Detection
  • Over-Temperature Control
  • Suppression Release Devices
Popular applications for Protection of:
  • Schools, Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Factories, Ceilings
  • Die casting machines
  • Offices
  • Computer Rooms
  • Libraries, Museums
  • Public trains,
  • Large Airconditioning Systems
  • Industrial Fryers, Dryers
  • Spray booths, Air Ducts
  • Transformer Stations
  • Central Gas Heating Systems
  • Gas Compressors
  • Pipeline outfitting
  • Large Gas Tanks
  • Large Oil Tanks

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HDL - Heat Detector LICO &



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Der LICO HDL1 TemperaturschalterHDL2_HDL3



DETECT-A-FIRE units are the heart of many Fire Protection Systems. These highly reliable devices have been a standard of the industry for over 45 years. Many hundreds of thousands of these units are now in use controlling the release of fire suppression agents such as FM200, CO2, water, foam, wet or dry chemicals. In some systems the device is used as an ALARM device. to sense overheat or fire, and alert personnel. In other systems, it is used as a RELEASE device, to sense fire and actuate fire attack systems.

DETECT-A-FIRE units have met with wide acceptance because they are designed with RATE COMPENSATION. This provides a unique advantage over both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise types of detectors because only the DETECT-A-FIRE unit accurately senses the surrounding air temperature regardless of the fire growth rate. At precisely the predetermined danger point, the system is activated.

Fixed temperature detectors must be completely heated to alarm temperature and therefore a disastrous lag in time may occur with a fast rate fire. Rate-of-rise devices, on the other hand, are triggered by the rate of increase in ambient temperature and are subject to false alarms caused by harmless, transient thermal gradients such as the rush of warm air from process ovens.

The secret of the unit's sensitivity is in the design. The outer shell is made of a rapidly expanding alloy which closely follows changes in surrounding air temperature. The inner struts are made of a lower expanding alloy. Designed to resist thermal energy absorption and sealed inside the shell, the struts follow temperature changes more slowly.

A slow rate fire will heat the shell and struts together. At the "set point", the unit will trigger, actuating the alarm or releasing the extinguishant.
A transient rush of warm air up to 40ºF /min. may expand the shell, but not enough to trigger the unit. By ignoring transient warm air excursions, the DETECT-A-FIRE unit virtually eliminates false alarms prevalent with rate-of-rise devices.

If a fast rate fire starts, the shell will expand rapidly. The struts will close, actuating the alarm or releasing the agent. The faster the fire rate of growth, the sooner the DETECT-A-FIRE unit will react.

The DETECT-A-FIRE also can be delivered as a part of a complete systen, built in an Ex-safe junction/mounting box. Ex-Certificates available:


Horizontal Heat detectors are designed for locations where appearance is a factor.

The attractive, functional design lends physical protection of the unit while making it suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, mercantile and public buildings, institutions and ships in non-hazardous locations (those classified as "ordinary" under the National Electric Code). Flush mounted units are designed to fit standard 4 inch octagonal electrical boxes and surface mounting units are designed to mount directly on ceilings or on 4 inch electrical junction boxes. Canadian Electrical Code requires mounting only to an electrical junction box.






Ready to go for


The HDL2 and HDL3 units are ready to go fire or Heat Detectors,

Industrial performance or mounted in Ex-box

Detect-A-Fire of choice

2- or 4- wire units

N/O or N/C

Marine Versions available

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