Professional Smoke Detection
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 Professional, effective and reliable Smoke Detection
Cost effective and reliable detection in a rugged low profile, aesthetically pleasing design. Available in
Ionization, Photoelectric and combination Photoelectric/Thermal models for spot and duct applications. Each features in-place sensitivity measurement in %/ft. obstruction to satisfy NFPA 72, Chapter 7. Various detector bases are available for two and four wire applications with/without a SPDT relay. ULI-compatible with a broad range of alarm and suppression controls.


CPD Ionization Smoke Detectors (discontinued, continue with PSD-Series)
PSD Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
THD Heat Detectors
2 & 4-wire Detector Bases


When Fenwal first introduced distributed intelligence technology to meet the critical needs of the telecommunications industry, it was state-of-the-art and ahead of its time. With systems installed since 1987, Fenwal distributed intelligence and Broadcast Indexing Protocol (BIP) communications technology have remained state-of-the-art.

Now, this technology is affordable for all commercial, industrial, and institutional fire safety systems with the introduction of Fenwal SmartOne smoke detectors. During eight years of real-world experience in critical applications, the superior capability and reliability of Fenwal technology had been conclusively proven time and time again.

Today, all users are demanding more from their fire safety systems, Fenwal SmartOne smoke detectors meet and exceed those demands with more data, more control, more flexibility, more resiliency and more sophisticated performance. This year, and into the 21st Century, SmartOne is the best way to make your fire safety system start thinking for itself.


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Ionization Smoke Detectors (for visible & invisible smoke) CPD-7051, 2,4 MB

Advanzed Ionisation Smoke Detectors, CPD7054, CPD-7054D, 70-01, 370 kB

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors, PSD 7155, PSD 7156, 752 kB

General Catalog, 2,3 MB

General Catalog 1999 - Intro, 96 kB

Air Duct Smoke Detector DH 60, 4-wire 700kB

Air Duct Smoke Detector DH 60, 2-wire, 578 kB

Powersupply 70 006, 107 kB






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